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Will Chrysanthemums Come Back? Return of the Mums!

Will Chrysanthemums Come Back

Fall wouldn’t be the same without the vibrant blooms of chrysanthemums, also known as mums. But as the season comes to a close, you might wonder, will chrysanthemums come back next year? The answer depends on the type of mum you have. This guide will explore how to overwinter perennial mums and ensure these colorful favorites grace your garden year after year.

Tips for Overwintering Garden Mums

Chrysanthemums Come Back

To ensure your garden mums survive the winter, plant them in the ground by early October. This allows them to establish roots before the ground freezes. Select cultivars that are hardy to at least zone 6 for the best chance of overwintering success. Additionally, mulching around the base can provide extra insulation against cold temperatures.

There are two main types of mums: florist mums and garden mums.

Florist Mums

These mums are typically bred for abundant blooms and vibrant colors. Unfortunately, florist mums are not winter-hardy and won’t return the following year. They are best enjoyed as seasonal cut flowers. They thrive in temperatures above 60 degrees and should be selected with many buds and just a few open blooms. While they can bloom for up to six weeks, those in full bloom at purchase may cease blooming sooner. Planting them in the ground about six weeks before a hard freeze may yield some success, especially if they have stolons, but it’s not guaranteed.

Garden Mums

These mums are known for their hardier nature. With proper care, perennial Chrysanthemums will come back year after year, rewarding you with their cheerful blooms season after season. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil. For best results, plant garden mums in spring or divide and plant in fall, ensuring they’re in the ground by early October. To maintain a compact shape, pinch back the tips and first set of leaves periodically until early June. After the first bloom, deadhead to encourage a second bloom cycle.

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How to Overwinter Perennial Mums?

 how to overwinter perennial mums

So, will chrysanthemums come back if they’re the perennial variety? Here are some tips to ensure your garden mums survive the winter and return in all their glory:

  • Cut Back After Flowering: Once the blooms fade in late fall, cut back the stems of your perennial mums to about 6-8 inches above the ground. This encourages stronger growth in the spring.
  • Mulch Heavily: Apply a layer of mulch (2-3 inches) around the base of the mums before the ground freezes. This insulates the roots and protects them from harsh winter temperatures.
  • Water Occasionally: While mums are dormant in winter, they still need occasional watering. Water them deeply on days when the ground isn’t frozen to prevent the roots from drying out completely. How often to water chrysanthemums? The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the climate you live in, the type of soil your mums are planted in, and the amount of rainfall you receive. In general, you should water your mums deeply once a week during the winter months.

Spring is Coming!

In early spring, once the danger of frost has passed, you can remove the winter mulch. Soon after, you’ll see new growth emerge from the base of the plant. With a little care, your perennial mums will come back, ready to fill your garden with color once again.

So, the next time you plant mums, choose the perennial variety and follow these simple overwintering tips. You’ll be rewarded with years of enjoyment from these beautiful and long-lasting fall flowers.

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