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16 Gorgeous Apology Flowers: Best Way to Say Sorry

apology flowers

Sometimes words are not enough to express your regret and remorse. Whether you have hurt someone’s feelings, broken a promise, or made a mistake, you may want to show your sincere apology with a gesture of goodwill. One of the most popular and effective ways to say sorry is to send apology flowers.

Flowers have a universal language of beauty, grace, and emotion. They can convey your message of apology without words, and touch the heart of the recipient. But not all flowers are suitable for saying sorry. Some flowers have specific meanings and associations that can make them more or less appropriate for the occasion. In this article, we will introduce you to 19 gorgeous apology flowers that can help you express your regret and ask for forgiveness. We will also explain the symbolism and history behind each flower, and how you can gift them to your loved ones.

Flowers That Mean Apology

Apology flowers are a special type of flowers that can symbolize regret, reconciliation, and forgiveness. Apology flowers can help you show your regret for your mistake, and express your desire for reconciliation and forgiveness. However Apology flowers can also symbolize love, respect, and appreciation, which can show your feelings and emotions for the person.

Apology flowers are not a specific kind of flower, but rather a combination of different flowers that can convey your message of apology. You can choose the flowers that best reflect your sentiment and intention, and arrange them in a bouquet or a basket. You can also add a card or a note with your apology flowers, to explain your reason and motive for sending them.

1. White Tulips: Symbol of Reconciliation

apology flowers
apology flowers

White tulips are one of the most popular flowers for apology because they symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They can help you wipe the slate clean and start fresh with the person you have offended. White tulips are also elegant and simple, which makes them suitable for any occasion and recipient.

2. Orchids: Sincerity and Grace

what flower means i'm sorry

Orchids represent sincerity and elegance. Their exotic allure conveys a genuine apology. Choose white or pale pink orchids to express your regret and commitment to making amends.

Orchids are exotic and graceful flowers that represent love, beauty, and strength. They are also long-lasting and easy to care for, which means they can remind the person you have wronged of your lasting affection and commitment. Orchids come in many colors and varieties, but white and purple orchids are especially appropriate for apologizing, as they signify respect and admiration.

3. Roses: Timeless Apology

apology flowers

Roses are timeless messengers of love and contrition. Depending on the color and number of roses, they can convey different messages. For example, red roses mean love and passion, yellow roses mean friendship and joy, and pink roses mean gratitude and appreciation. However, when it comes to saying sorry, the best choice is white roses. White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and sincerity, which can help you show your remorse and repentance. You can also mix white roses with other colors to add more meaning and nuance to your apology.

4. Blue Hyacinths: Peaceful Reconciliation

flowers for apology

Blue hyacinths signify peace and understanding. If you’ve had a falling out with a close friend or family member, these delicate blooms can pave the way for reconciliation.

Blue hyacinths are fragrant and cheerful flowers that can brighten up anyone’s day. They are also known as the flowers that mean sorry, as they have a history of being used to apologize in ancient times. According to Greek mythology, Apollo accidentally killed his lover Hyacinthus, and from his blood sprang the blue hyacinth flower. The flower was then used as a symbol of sorrow and regret. Blue hyacinths can help you express your sadness and guilt, as well as your hope for forgiveness.

5. Lilies: A Fresh Start

flowers that mean sorry

Lilies represent rebirth and new beginnings. The delicate fragrance of lily of the valley signifies hope and healing. Gift them to mark the start of a better chapter in your relationship.

Lily of the valley is a delicate and fragrant flower that blooms in spring. It is also known as the flower of happiness, as it is believed to bring joy and luck to the person who receives it. Lily of the valley can also represent humility, purity, and sweetness, which can help you show your gentleness and kindness. Lily of the valley is a perfect apology flower for girlfriend, as it can express your love and devotion, as well as your hope for happiness and harmony.

6. Carnations: Mending Friendships

flower sorry

Pink carnations are perfect for repairing hurt friendships. Whether you’ve been distant or made mistakes, these blooms convey appreciation and a willingness to mend fences.

Pink carnations are another type of carnation that can be used to apologize. Unlike striped carnations, pink carnations mean gratitude and admiration, which can help you show your appreciation and respect. Pink carnations are also associated with motherly love, as they are traditionally given to mothers on Mother’s Day. Pink carnations are a good im sorry flower choice, as they can express your affection and care.

7. Sunflowers: Brightening Apologies

flower sorry

Sunflowers radiate positivity and warmth. Their sunny disposition says, “I’m sorry” with a touch of optimism. Share them to brighten someone’s day and express regret.

Sunflowers are bright and cheerful flowers that can lift anyone’s mood and spirit. They are also known as the flowers of loyalty, as they always follow the sun and stay faithful to their source of light. Sunflowers can represent admiration, appreciation, and positivity, which can help you show your respect and gratitude. Sunflowers are a great flower sorry option, as they can also express your optimism and hope for a better future.

8. Common Daisy: Simplicity and Sincerity

flowers to say sorry

The unpretentious common daisy symbolizes simplicity and sincerity. Its cheerful petals convey an honest apology without fuss.

Common daisy is a simple and charming flower that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. It is also known as the flower of innocence, as it represents purity, simplicity, and honesty. Common daisy can also represent loyalty, friendship, and cheerfulness, which can help you show your sincerity and goodwill. Common daisy is a wonderful flower to say sorry, as it can also express your hope and joy.

9. Hydrangea: Understanding and Compassion

what flower means sorry

Hydrangeas represent understanding and heartfelt compassion. Their clustered blooms mirror the complexities of relationships. Use them to express your empathy.

Hydrangea is a lush and colorful flower that can create a stunning impression. It is also known as the flower of apology, as it has a history of being used to ask for forgiveness in Japan. According to a legend, a Japanese emperor gave hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved, but neglected, as a way of apologizing. Hydrangea can represent heartfelt emotion, gratitude, and understanding, which can help you show your regret and compassion. Hydrangea is a beautiful apology flower, as it can also express your admiration and respect.

10. Ivy: Everlasting Bonds

what flower means i'm sorry

Ivy signifies lasting friendship and fidelity. When you want to apologize sincerely, include ivy leaves in your bouquet. They symbolize enduring connections.

Ivy is not a flower, but a vine that can grow and cling to any surface. It is also known as the plant of fidelity, as it represents loyalty, devotion, and attachment. Ivy can also represent friendship, endurance, and protection, which can help you show your commitment and support. Ivy is a great i’m sorry flower option, as it can also express your hope and faith.

11. Anemone: Healing and Closure

apology flowers for girlfriend

Anemones embody healing and closure. Their vibrant hues express the desire to move forward positively. Gift them to signify resolution.

Anemone is a delicate and graceful flower that can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any bouquet. It is also known as the flower of anticipation, as it represents expectation, hope, and desire. Anemone can also represent sincerity, forgiveness, and peace, which can help you show your honesty and harmony. Anemone is a lovely what flower means i’m sorry choice, as it can also express your passion and love.

12. Bluebells: Softening Hearts

apology flowers

Bluebells soften hearts and encourage forgiveness. Their gentle blue petals evoke calmness and understanding. Use them to mend strained relationships.

Bluebells are enchanting and fragrant flowers that can create a magical atmosphere. They are also known as the flowers of humility, as they represent modesty, gratitude, and respect. Bluebells can also represent constancy, everlasting love, and happiness, which can help you show your faithfulness and joy. Bluebells are a wonderful what flower means sorry option, as they can also express your sorrow and regret.

13. Peonies: Apology with Elegance

im sorry flower

Peonies exude elegance and remorse. Their lush blooms convey deep regret and the promise of better days ahead. Share them to apologize gracefully.

Peonies are gorgeous and fluffy flowers that can make anyone feel special and pampered. They are also known as the flowers of honor, as they represent nobility, dignity, and respect. Peonies can also represent romance, beauty, and prosperity, which can help you show your admiration and generosity. Peonies are a perfect apology flower for girlfriend, as they can express your love and passion, as well as your apology and forgiveness.

14. Snapdragon: Restoring Trust

i'm sorry flower

Snapdragons symbolize strength and grace under pressure. When trust needs rebuilding, these spiky blooms convey determination to mend what’s broken.

Snapdragon is a unique and striking flower that can add a splash of color and personality to any arrangement. It is also known as the flower of grace, as it represents charm, elegance, and refinement. Snapdragon can also represent strength, courage, and protection, which can help you show your confidence and support. Snapdragon is a great flower sorry choice, as it can also express your remorse and repentance.

15. Star of Bethlehem: Guiding Apologies

apology flowers for girlfriend

The Star of Bethlehem flower represents hope and guidance. Use it to apologize sincerely and illuminate the path toward reconciliation.

Star of Bethlehem is a delicate and radiant flower that can light up any room. It is also known as the flower of hope, as it represents hope, faith, and guidance. Star of Bethlehem can also represent forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing, which can help you show your compassion and kindness. Star of Bethlehem is a beautiful im sorry flower option, as it can also express your apology and regret.

16. White Poppy: Peaceful Resolution

flowers for apology

The white poppy signifies peace and resolution. Its delicate petals whisper forgiveness and a desire to move beyond conflict.

White poppy is a simple and elegant flower that can create a peaceful and serene mood. It is also known as the flower of remembrance, as it represents memory, tribute, and respect. White poppy can also represent consolation, sympathy, and peace, which can help you show your empathy and comfort. White poppy is a lovely flower to say sorry choice, as it can also express your sorrow and grief.

How to Gift Apology Flowers?

Now that you know the meanings and symbolism of different types of apology flowers, you may wonder how to gift them and what to write on the card. Here are some tips to help you make your apology more sincere and effective.

  • Choose the right flowers for the right person and situation. Consider the personality, preferences, and relationship of the person you have offended, and select the flowers that best suit
  • them and the situation. For example, if you have hurt your girlfriend’s feelings, you may want to choose peonies or lilies of the valley, as they are romantic and feminine flowers. If you have offended your boss or colleague, you may want to choose white roses or orchids, as they are respectful and professional flowers.
  • Write a sincere and heartfelt apology card. The flowers alone may not be enough to convey your apology, so you should also write a card that expresses your regret and remorse. Be honest and specific about what you did wrong and how you feel. Acknowledge the impact of your actions and the feelings of the person you have hurt. Apologize sincerely and ask for forgiveness. Also, explain how you will make up for your mistake and prevent it from happening again. Avoid making excuses, blaming, or minimizing your fault. Keep your message clear, concise, and respectful.
  • Deliver the flowers personally or through a reliable service. The way you deliver the flowers can also affect the outcome of your apology. If possible, deliver the flowers personally and face the person you have wronged. This can show your courage and sincerity, and also give you a chance to apologize verbally and make eye contact. However, if the person is not ready to see you or talk to you, you may want to send the flowers through a reliable service and respect their space and time. You can also follow up with a phone call or a message later, when they are more willing to communicate.

Summary Of 16 Gorgeous Apology Flowers

NumberFlower NameFlower ColorFlower Symbolism
1White TulipsWhitePurity, innocence, new beginnings, forgiveness
2OrchidsWhite, purple, or other colorsLove, beauty, strength, respect, admiration
3RosesWhite or other colorsLove, passion, romance, sincerity, repentance
4Blue HyacinthsBlueForgiveness, reconciliation, sorrow, regret
5Lily of the ValleyWhiteHumility, sweetness, happiness, love, devotion
6SunflowersYellowLoyalty, admiration, appreciation, positivity, optimism, hope
7Pink CarnationsPinkGratitude, admiration, affection, care, motherly love
8Common DaisyWhite and yellowInnocence, simplicity, honesty, loyalty, friendship, cheerfulness, hope, joy
9HydrangeaBlue, pink, or other colorsHeartfelt emotion, gratitude, understanding, apology, admiration, respect
10IvyGreenFidelity, devotion, attachment, friendship, endurance, protection, hope, faith
11AnemonePurple, white, or other colorsAnticipation, hope, desire, sincerity, forgiveness, peace, passion, love
12BluebellsBlueHumility, gratitude, respect, constancy, everlasting love, happiness, sorrow, regret
13PeoniesPink, white, or other colorsHonor, nobility, dignity, romance, beauty, prosperity, love, passion, apology, forgiveness
14SnapdragonRed, yellow, or other colorsGrace, elegance, refinement, strength, courage, protection, remorse, repentance
15Star of BethlehemWhiteHope, faith, guidance, forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, apology, regret
16White PoppyWhiteRemembrance, memory, tribute, respect, consolation, sympathy, peace, sorrow, grief
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