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10 Beautiful Flowers That Symbolise Peace

Flowers That Symbolise Peace

Flowers meaning peace often embody the essence of serenity and the hope for a harmonious existence. The white poppy is a poignant symbol in this regard, traditionally associated with the longing for peace and the remembrance of those affected by war. Its delicate petals reflect a desire for a world without conflict, making it a powerful emblem within peace movements. The olive branch, though not a flower, carries a similar weight in symbolism, historically representing a truce or ceasefire and offering a gesture of reconciliation. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular and significant flowers that symbolise peace and learn about their history and culture.

Moreover, there are numerous flowers that represent peace, each with its own unique significance. The white lily, embodying elegance and purity, is commonly linked with notions of peace, virtue, and renewal, making it an ideal symbol for moments of contemplation and the aspiration for fresh starts. However lotus flower is another emblematic bloom, especially in Eastern traditions, where it is celebrated for its ability to emerge from murky waters and flourish, epitomizing the triumph of peace over turmoil. These blooms serve as poignant reminders of our collective desire for a world where harmony transcends strife.

What Flowers Represent Peace?

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have various meanings and symbols. Some flowers can express emotions, such as love, joy, or sorrow, while others can represent ideas, such as hope, wisdom, or courage. One of the most common and universal ideas that flowers can symbolize is peace. Peace is the state of harmony, calmness, and tranquility that we all seek in this chaotic world. There are many flowers that mean peace, each with their own unique stories and origins.

1. Lavender

Flowers That mean Peace

Lavender is a flower that means peace, purity, and serenity. It has a soothing scent that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Lavender also represents loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness. You can give lavender as a gift to someone who needs some peace and relaxation in their life, or to show your support and trust.

Often associated with peace and tranquility due to its soothing scent. Lavender is one of the most well-known flowers symbolizing peace. Inhaling its calming aroma can help you de-stress and bring serenity to a busy day. Lavender is also a popular choice for relaxing aromatherapy treatments. Plus, the beautiful rows of purple blooms are enough to brighten anyone’s day. Traditionally blooming from June to September, lavender is harvested in late July, making it ideal for summer weddings where you want to reflect the peaceful harmony of nature in your celebrations.

2. Peace Lily

symbol of peace

Peace lily is a flower that symbolises peace, innocence, and rebirth. It has a white spathe that resembles a flag of truce, and a green spadix that represents life and growth. Peace lily also symbolises hope and resurrection, as it can survive in low light and revive after wilting. You can give peace lily as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult time, or to celebrate a new beginning.

3. White Rose

white rose symbol of peace

The white rose is a symbol with rich significance. It traditionally represents new beginnings, purity and innocence. In various cultures, it’s associated with reverence, remembrance, and can convey respect. The white rose also holds a special place in history and mythology; for instance, in Christianity, it is linked to the Virgin Mary, symbolizing her motherly love and purity. Additionally, white roses are often used in weddings to signify the pure union of the couple and are popular as tokens of affection, expressing love, loyalty, and gratitude. Whether given as a gesture of sympathy or celebration, the white rose carries a message of genuine, heartfelt emotion.

4. Peony

Symbolise Peace

Peony is a flower that symbolises peace, prosperity, and good fortune. It has a large and fluffy bloom that can attract positive energy and abundance. Peony also represents honor, nobility, and beauty, as it is considered the king of flowers in China. You can give peony as a gift to someone who you wish to bless with peace and wealth, or to show your appreciation and admiration.

5. White Poppy

Flowers That Symbolise Peace

The white poppy is a symbol of peace, worn to remember all casualties of war, including military and civilian, and to express a commitment to peace and a desire for an end to all wars. It was introduced in 1933 by the Women’s Co-operative Guild as an alternative to the red poppy, which traditionally commemorates military casualties. The white poppy also represents a pledge to peace and challenges the acceptance of war. Advocating for non-violent conflict resolution and honoring the victims of war. It’s a symbol of remembrance, calling for action towards a peaceful future.

6. Violet

Flowers That mean Peace

Violet flower carries a wealth of symbolism and meaning. It is most commonly associated with wisdom, everlasting love, modesty, innocence, faithfulness, mysticism, and remembrance. In Greek mythology, violets were believed to be created by Artemis, who transformed one of his virginal nymphs into the delicate flower to protect her from Apollo. This association with modesty and restraint is echoed in Christian symbolism, where the violet represents the Virgin Mary’s humility and purity. Additionally, violets are often seen as a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness in relationships. Conveying a message of unwavering commitment and devotion. Whether in mythology, religion, or modern interpretations, the violet flower holds a special place as a symbol of deep and meaningful sentiments.

7. Apple Blossom

Flowers That Symbolise Peace

Apple blossom is a flower that symbolises peace, fertility, and longevity. It has a sweet and fragrant scent that can attract bees and butterflies. Apple blossom also represents love, happiness, and hope, as it is a sign of spring and new life. You can give apple blossom as a gift to someone who you want to share your peace and joy with, or to wish them a long and fruitful life.

8. Lotus Flower

Flowers That Symbolise Peace

Lotus flowers that symbolise peace, enlightenment, and purity. It has a beautiful and exotic bloom that can rise above the muddy water and shine in the sun. Lotus flower also represents perseverance, transformation, and wisdom, as it is a sacred symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. You can give lotus flower as a gift to someone who you want to inspire and enlighten, or to show your respect and admiration.

9. Cosmos Flower

Flowers That Symbolise Peace
Flowers That Symbolise Peace

Cosmos flower is a flower that symbolises peace, harmony, and order. However It has a simple and elegant bloom that can create a balanced and harmonious effect. Cosmos flower also represents beauty, joy, and charm, as it is a cheerful and colorful flower that can brighten up any space. So you can give cosmos flower as a gift to someone who you want to bring peace and happiness to, or to show your affection and charm.

10. Pincushion Flower

Flowers Peace

Pincushion flowers that symbolise peace, protection, and healing. It has a spiky and fuzzy bloom that can ward off evil and disease. Pincushion flower also represents friendship, loyalty, and gratitude. As it is a long-lasting and reliable flower that can express your appreciation and trust. You can give pincushion flower as a gift to someone who you want to protect and heal, or to show your friendship and loyalty.


Flowers are more than just pretty plants. They have meanings and symbolism that can convey different messages and emotions. Some flowers are especially suited for expressing peace, which is a universal value that many people aspire to. Whether you want to wish someone peace and prosperity, peace and love, or peace and harmony. There is a flower that can help you do that. You can choose from the 10 flowers that symbolise peace that we have listed in this article. You can do your own research and find more flowers that suit your purpose. Whatever you choose, remember that flowers are a beautiful and thoughtful way to show your peaceful intentions and wishes.

What Flowers that symbolise peace? (SUMMARY)

NumberFlower Name ColorMeaning
1LavenderPurpleSerenity, calmness, grace
2Peace LilyWhiteReconciliation, forgiveness, harmony
3White RoseWhiteInnocence, purity, peace
4PeonyPinkProsperity, good fortune, peace
5White PoppyWhiteRemembrance, peace, sleep
6VioletPurpleModesty, humility, peace
7Apple BlossomPinkPeace, promise, hope
8Lotus FlowerWhiteEnlightenment, purity, peace
9Cosmos FlowerPinkPeace, tranquility, order
10Pincushion FlowerBluePeace, love, fidelity
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