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Forget Me Not Flower: The meaning & symbolism

forget me not flower meaning

The meaning of the forget-me-not flower is steeped in both romance and remembrance. Victorian-era lovers exchanged these delicate blooms to express their unwavering devotion and faithfulness. Legend tells of a knight who, while being swept away by a river, offered a forget-me-not to his love, uttering the very name that became the flower’s symbolic plea.

Beyond romantic love, flower forget me not has a meaning of cherished memory or a bond that transcends distance. They serve as a gentle reminder to hold loved ones close, even in their absence. In some cultures, they are associated with remembrance of those who have passed away. Also the vibrant blue blossoms offer a comforting symbol of enduring love that continues to bloom in our hearts.

What is a Forget-Me-Not Flower?

meaning of forget me not flower

The Forget-Me-Not flower, belonging to the genus Myosotis, is a small yet striking bloom that typically graces gardens with its vibrant blue color. While most recognized for their blue hue, Forget-Me-Nots can also appear in shades of pink and white. Each with a yellow center, creating a picturesque view reminiscent of a clear sky dotted with stars.

Forget-me-nots (Myosotis) are small, wildflower plants native to Europe and Asia. They boast clusters of bright blue flowers with yellow centers, though some varieties sport white or pink blooms. Forget-me-nots thrive in damp environments and are known for their delicate beauty.

The History of Forget-Me-Nots

Tracing back to Europe, the Forget-Me-Not has a botanical name derived from the Greek terms ‘mus’ (mouse) and ‘otis’ (ear), alluding to the shape of its leaves. The common name, stemming from the German ‘vergissmeinnicht’, encapsulates the flower’s essence of memory and sentiment.

Forget Me Not Flower Meaning

The Forget Me Not flower, with its delicate and dreamy sky blue petals, carries a profound symbolism deeply rooted in history and folklore. These charming blue blossoms are emblematic of true love and remembrance, often associated with the poignant tale of a knight who, while picking these flowers for his beloved, fell into a river and with his last breath, implored her to “forget me not”.

In the language of flowers, blue blooms like the Forget Me Nots are also known to represent serenity, calmness, and peace, mirroring the tranquil hues of the sky and water. They signify a connection that transcends time and space, embodying fidelity, loyalty, and the constancy of true affection. Whether planted in memory of a loved one or exchanged between friends. Also lovers, these blue flowers meaning convey messages of enduring love and never-fading memories.

forget me nots flower meaning


As the name suggests, Forget-Me-Nots are symbols of remembrance. They serve as a living tribute to cherished memories and loved ones, ensuring that the bonds of the past remain ever-present.

Eternal True Love and Devotion

These Flowers that mean  true love and devotion. According to legend, a knight, while picking these flowers for his beloved. Fell into a river due to the weight of his armor and, with his last breath, threw the flowers to her, pleading, “Forget me not!”


Offering Forget-Me-Nots is a gesture of respect, acknowledging deep admiration and esteem for someone special in your life.

Fidelity and Faithfulness

The flowers also represent fidelity and faithfulness, often exchanged between lovers as a promise of everlasting love and loyalty.

Long-Lasting Connection

A bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots symbolizes a long-lasting connection, whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship that stands the test of time.

The Alaska State Flower

forget me not flower meaning

In a nod to its significance, the Forget-Me-Not is also recognized as the Alaska State Flower, symbolizing the resilience and beauty of the state and its people

What Do Forget-Me-Nots Smell Like?

While forget-me-nots are visually captivating, their fragrance is quite subtle. However they possess a very faint, sweet scent that is barely noticeable.

The next time you see a forget-me-not, remember the rich meaning it carries. It’s a beautiful reminder to cherish loved ones, hold onto memories, and embrace the enduring nature of true love and devotion.

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